Thank You

Thank you for reaching out to us! We will be in touch as soon as we can.

We trust you love music and the music-making process, like us. It’s a thrilling part of human culture that adds an audible sense of joy to our lives. But Live Performances are so much more than individuals coming to experience the joy of music being made. A Live Performance, in a way, is a special kind of community in and of itself. As the melody, harmony, and rhythm of each piece of music captivates listeners in its own way, individual listeners are brought in and share in the experience of that performance. And as we are all brought in, we are brought together—we share the same experience at the same time—and we are united in spirit in that space and time. As a result, community happens right in front of us, all around us, and within us.

Community and the sense of unity embedded within it are valuable commodities in this day and age. Your gift makes that community possible and the beauty of the music you support enriches the community we share.

Best Regards,

The ChoralSong Team