ChoralSong Auditions: Finding the Right Voices

Many types of singers with lovely voices and healthy techniques, each beautiful in its own way and in the right, preform masterfully; however, not every voice is perfect for every situation.

ChoralSong is an ensemble of approximately 20 singers. For a choir this size to work most effectively, each voice must have the ability and commitment to blend carefully and consistently with other singers and sections, regardless of the style of music.

ChoralSong commits to performing a variety of music, so we need singers who can be stylistically flexible while maintaining a healthy vocal technique. In detail, we’re looking for…

  • Singers with a flexible, bel canto-like style of singing who can utilize the natural voice’s capability for resonance and clear diction.
  • Singers who can (and enjoy) adjusting their vibrato and technique in a healthy manner while performing everything from Romantic to Renaissance and Spirituals to Jazz.
  • Singers who understand rhythm and can maintain pitch and an internal musical pulse.

If you know someone who might be a good fit for a group like this, we’d love to talk to you. We’ll be holding auditions through the summer—visit for more details!

Come and sing with us!

Daniel Price