ChoralSong on KCME!

Our Artistic Director and Board Chair, Daniel Price, recently had the honor of speaking with KCME’s on-air host, Keith Simon, to introduce ChoralSong of Colorado Springs to their listening audience.

As an independent, listener-supported public radio station in Colorado Springs that prides itself on being “local, classical, cultural,” KCME consistently shows up as an outstanding contributor to the performing arts scene in the Pikes Peak region. 

Check out the 6-minute interview here! 

Can You Help?

As many of you know, the Tiemens Foundation recently issued a Matching Challenge Grant to the Friends of ChoralSong which is running through the month of July.  This grant is designed to enable ChoralSong to waive Singer’s Fees for its first season in preparation for their first concert on October 7th titled “A Great Night for…Singing!” at First Christian Church on 16 E Platte Ave, Colorado Springs, CO, United States.  

Efforts like this Matching Challenge provide critical support as we work to establish our professional organization as a team of talented musicians committed to excellence.  Currently, we need about 10 more people to accept this matching challenge by donating $50 to help reach our goal of improving the Colorado Springs performing arts scene.  Would you please consider being one of these 10 people? 

We thank you in advance for supporting your community!

ChoralSong and Director Daniel Price Care about Colorado Springs

Daniel Price, director of the brand-new nonprofit performing arts choir ChoralSong, leads the way with a rich musical history. Starting as an undergrad in music education, he spent six years teaching highschool and college music before completing his graduate work from Cincinnati University. After achieving both his Masters and Doctorate in Choral Conducting, Price sang for a year with the Santa Fe Desert Choir, where he decided to dedicate the remainder of his life to conducting choirs.

In 1995, Price joined the Air Force out of Washington D.C. to conduct their full-time singing choir, “The Singing Sergeants”. He enjoyed it so much that he spent the next four years with them and the following twenty-one years conducting instrumentalists and vocalists around the world! He left the Air Force in 2020 after conducting the academy band for six years and ended up in Colorado Springs.

Noticing that performing arts growth did not match the explosive population growth led Price to pursue his next passion project, ChoralSong. He avidly encourages others to, “Take an active role in shaping our own future by investing in [performing arts] groups like this.” Price’s passion for non-profit performance and community growth inspires the greater Pikes Peak community and needs people like you to help!


Daniel Price