Spread Awareness and Appreciation for Local Colorado Springs Artists and Programs

Spread Awareness and Appreciation for Local Colorado Springs Artists and Programs

How To Promote Appreciation for Colorado Springs Art Scene

Colorado Springs isn’t just a city on a map. We are a vibrant collection of individuals, each of whom adds something special, thereby helping shape our community in some way. Those involved in the performing arts are focused in particular on the development of richness and beauty in our community. Our artists and arts organizations each add their own special colors to the Pikes Peak palette, and those who support support organizations like ChoralSong of Colorado Springs and a host of other artists help make those colors brighter. As the population of the Pikes Peak region continues its exponential growth, it is imperative that the local art scene keep up. How can we encourage all the wonderful talent of both new and established residents? We can’t do it alone, so come join us by helping promote appreciation for the arts–help it thrive and grow!

How Art Beats at the Heart of a Booming City

The Pulse of a Unique Identity

A city without art is like a choir without voices. Our local art scene and the natural beauty that surrounds us work together to create a rare and wonderful beauty. By recognizing and promoting the arts in our thriving city, we build a stronger and healthier community bound by shared experiences and stories.

Stimulating Growth with Every Note

Art does more than just inspire onlookers. Because of the attractiveness and cultural significance of a thriving arts scene, fostering the arts in your community invigorates the economy. Tourists flock, businesses prosper, and job opportunities increase when the arts flourish. Investing time and resources in the arts can yield dividends not just for the soul, but for the entire community. Want to see our city aglow with laughter and joy? Push into the arts, and help all types of arts and artists gain visibility! 

Spreading the Word: Calls to Action for Every Art Enthusiast

Businesses: Be the Backstage Heroes

Local businesses and community spaces can serve as stages and avenues that reach a wide variety of people every day. When businesses promote local arts events, this draws audiences from around the area—people that otherwise would not have come to that area. By sponsoring (or co-sponsoring) events that showcase a wide variety of performing or static arts and by investing in buildings and open spaces that enable the presentation of the arts, businesses and other public institutions can become vital investors in the health of their community, and by extension, the health of their own organizations and institutions (1).

Why not consider promoting local Colorado Springs artists at your next corporate event? By blending business and local culture, you can show you care about your city and about those who are working to make it great!

Individuals: Be the Ambassadors of Art

Every conversation with friends and family, every shared ticket, and every piece of art bought makes you a patron of the arts (2). We do our best to get the word out about our events, but you are the real front line! Rally your friends to attend events such as ChoralSong concerts, or even host your own art-themed event. Why not organize a group of like-minded individuals to sponsor one of your favorite choirs, dance troupes or painters?  Your passion can fan the flames of appreciation for a wide variety of the arts in the Pikes Peak region.

 Social Media: You Can Amplify the Anthem

The digital world grants us all a stage unlike any other. When you share your experiences, post about upcoming events, create engaging content, or even start challenges centered around Colorado Springs art events and artists, you not only promote us, you attract like-minded people to help support your passions and endeavors. In fact, you become a digital philanthropist–and who doesn’t appreciate a philanthropist? 

Initiate hashtags like #ColoradoArtVibes or #ChoralSongMagic to trend appreciation online. Every like, share, and comment expands the audience for the arts and encourages funding for initiatives in Colorado Springs. Your voice makes a difference (3).

The Magic of Your Contributions

Donating to the arts ensures that the curtain never comes down permanently on the arts in the Pikes Peak region.  With our city’s population continuously growing, we all have the ability to play a huge part in shaping the culture that makes us unique. Whether it’s enabling new productions, supporting budding artists, or sustaining performing arts groups like ChoralSong, your support can help promote a brighter future for our community. Check out the story of a number of arts organizations to see which ones inspire you.  Check out ChoralSong’s story to learn more about our goals for our community, learn more about our talented and accomplished director, or take a look at our established board of trustees to gain a better idea of who your funding can impact. Witness the difference every dollar makes for Colorado Springs’ future!

Ready to Play Your Part?

Regardless of which organization you support, we encourage you to engage with the arts in Colorado Springs. Whether you’re exploring collaborations, seeking more information, or just sharing feedback, we’re all ears. Connect with the ChoralSong team today, and together, let’s ensure the Colorado Springs art scene continues to resonate with vibrancy and inspiration.Your voice, your support, and your enthusiasm help ensure its melodies never fade. 

Art breathes life into Colorado Springs. Will you join the chorus?

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