Find A Choir Near Me: Chorales, Choirs, and Live Music Projects

Find A Choir Near Me: Chorales, Choirs, and Live Music Projects

From the rich sound of professional choirs to the harmonious blend of community choruses, Colorado Springs is home to a vibrant choral community waiting to be discovered. This musical haven offers something for everyone, regardless of their taste or experience in choral music. So why not delve into this melodic world and uncover the unique choral groups, concerts, and opportunities that await you?

Key Takeaways

  • Explore the vibrant choral community of Colorado Springs, featuring advanced choirs, concerts, live music projects, and educational opportunities.
  • Discover a range of venues to experience local ensembles and support your local choral community through attending events or volunteering skills.
  • Enjoy diverse musical styles from classical to contemporary with an array of vocal ensembles and directors in Colorado Springs.


ChoralSong is a newly established choir of 20-24 voices based in Colorado Springs that aims to strengthen the region’s local arts community and fill a unique niche by presenting concerts that attract diverse audiences. This unique, close-knit choir features talented singers who perform various music styles, from Renaissance to Contemporary, and from Spirituals to Jazz, each with a high degree of artistic integrity, thus providing expressive and engaging choral performances.

Our organization intends to transition sometime in the future from a volunteer choir into a partially and potentially fully professional choir while maintaining its audition standards at the highest level. The ultimate goal for ChoralSong is to perform with such engaging musicality that it gains a reputation for excellence in the Pikes Peak Region and beyond.

One of our ultimate goals is to promote the performing arts throughout our community – and we wrote this article to do just that.

Discover Local Choral Groups in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is home to an array of choirs and choral groups at a variety of levels, all offering their own unique blend of voices, artistry, and repertoire. Whether you are a music lover from any background or age group looking for singing opportunities or just appreciate hearing talented ensembles in action – Colorado’s vibrant choral community has something for everyone.

Besides ChoralSong, three of the most notable auditioned community choral groups in Colorado Springs are the Colorado Springs Chorale, the Colorado Vocal Arts Ensemble, and Abendmusik.

The Colorado Springs Chorale, founded in 1956, is one of the oldest and largest ensembles in the region and boasts around 100 members. With a repertoire that spans classical, contemporary, and spiritual genres, the Chorale has performed at some of the most prestigious venues in the country, including Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center. The group is renowned for its rich harmonies and powerful interpretations of choral music and performs frequently with the Colorado Springs Philharmonic.

The Colorado Vocal Arts Ensemble, on the other hand, is a smaller, more intimate group that specializes in a cappella and chamber music. Founded in 1992, the Ensemble has quickly established itself as a leading force in the Colorado Springs choral scene, earning accolades for its innovative programming and stunning vocal performances. The group’s repertoire includes works by both classical and contemporary composers, as well as pieces from various cultural and ethnic traditions.

Finally, Abendmusik is a smaller choir as well and was formed in 1974.  Membership includes singers of all ages who share a common love of performing choral music and creating musical experiences for audiences throughout the region.  Their repertoire includes everything from large sacred works to modern secular compositions, as well as music composed and arranged by its own members. The group has performed with the United States Air Force Academy Band, the Arapahoe Philharmonic, and the Pueblo Symphony.  Abendmusik’s local concerts are always free and open to the public.

Community Chorus Events

Colorado Springs’ music lovers come together as a community to celebrate the choral arts in a variety of events. These performances provide local talent with an outlet to display and exercise their musical abilities while also creating a sense of community and camaraderie amongst attendees. Every event offers unique experiences and fresh music to discover and enjoy.  Come, be part of Colorado’s celebrated choral scene!

Upcoming Vocal Ensemble Showcases

During the holiday season, choral groups are given the spotlight with amazing vocal ensemble shows.  Check out the following concerts!

  • Colorado Springs Chorale: 

“Christmas Symphony”, Dec 16 7:30pm & Dec 17 2:30pm, Pikes Peak Center

  • Colorado Vocal Arts Ensemble: Handel’s Messiah, Nov 25, 4 & 7pm, Glen Eyrie Castle

“Wintersong”, Dec 15 & 16, 7:30pm, Shove Chapel 

  • ChoralSong

“A Ceremony of Carols”, Dec 17, 7pm, St. Mary’s Cathedral


Colorado Springs Choral Workshops and Educational Opportunities

Colorado Springs offers a myriad of programs and workshops that give singers a chance to sharpen their skills, discover new genres and styles in choral music, as well as extend their knowledge. The Colorado Vocal Arts Ensemble “Gateways” and The Colorado Springs Chorale’s “Choral Scholars” programs are specially designed for high school students who want an extensive education on this subject. Meanwhile, the Colorado Springs Conservatory caters to singers regardless of age or expertise, with classes and performances supporting a variety of musical genres.

Choir Auditions and Membership

For anyone who would like to join a choir in Colorado Springs, knowledge of the audition process and expectations for members is essential. Auditions commonly involve singing one or more songs, sight-reading music as well as tests that assess vocal range and rhythmic ability. To be ready, it’s advised to practice with pieces that highlight your abilities in choral singing and also come prepared for sight reading tests.

Although each organization has its own membership criteria, they all require participants to commit themselves to participating in rehearsals and concerts on a regular basis. This commitment, however, can be extremely rewarding. Besides the joy of participating in the process of making music within a community of like-minded individuals, you will increase your vocal skills, get acquainted with new people, and become a part of a vibrant choral community. With focus and preparation, everyone may enjoy being part of choirs around Colorado Springs!

Choirs for Hire in Colorado Springs: Weddings, Events, and Special Occasions

Colorado Springs is home to a variety of choirs and vocal ensembles perfect for any event, from weddings or religious ceremonies to holiday parties and graduations. Advanced choruses can range in cost from $1,000 up to $3,000, depending on size and reputation and the length of the event. This price may include soloists or accompaniment if needed.

It’s essential that the expectations of performance are discussed when booking your ensemble.  In addition to the expected duration, preferred musical repertoire should be addressed prior. Doing so guarantees a tailored experience, ensuring memorable moments at your special occasion! With proper preparation you can find the right choir for your event.  Colorado Springs offers all guests unforgettable entertainment through music magic!

Supporting Your Local Choral Community

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