Singing Groups in Colorado Springs

Singing Groups in Colorado Springs

The music scene in Colorado Springs is full of options for people who love to sing. Whether it’s large choir, chamber ensembles, or musical theater, there are groups open to singers of any age and skill level.

Our organization, ChoralSong, is a new option among those groups. As a smaller choir focused on excellence and musical diversity, we hope everyone will find our concerts exciting.  We hope you’ll check out our upcoming concerts, but please be sure to check out the other amazing vocal ensembles in our community as well!

Key Takeaways

  • ChoralSong is one of the newest singing groups in Colorado Springs, and wants to be part of the growing arts community.
  • Colorado Springs is home to a variety of singing groups, from chamber ensembles and choirs, to musical theater companies and barbershop quartets.
  • Local competitions and festivals provide singers with performance opportunities, while audition tips can help you find the right group for you.

Colorado Springs Choral Ensembles

Colorado Springs is home to an exciting range of choral groups that have something to offer all singers, from chamber ensembles and community choirs to church-based choirs and school organizations. Whether you’re a fan or performer of rock, soul music, or any other genre, there’s something out there suited just for you!


ChoralSong is a group of approximately 20 talented voices that presents concerts designed to attract a broad range of music lovers. Our concerts feature many styles of old and new music–from Renaissance to Romantic, and from Spirituals to Jazz – all performed with the same degree of artistic integrity. This requires a unique choir of matched and flexible singers, and it requires an experienced leadership team committed to making that vision a reality. With this close-knit team, we present highly expressive and engaging choral performances designed to attract and enrich the cultural life of the broader Pikes Peak community.

Would love to see you at our next concert!

Community Choirs

Music groups in Colorado Springs offer a friendly setting where people can come together to express their enthusiasm for music. Open to all members of the community, these non-professional vocal ensembles provide an atmosphere of solidarity and fellowship via singing. Community choirs such as the Colorado Springs Chorale, the Colorado Vocal Arts Ensemble, ChoralSong, Abendlied or Soli Deo Gloria present various styles at local events and concerts.

Community choirs are a great choice for singers of all skill levels, although most will require some sort of audition before joining them.

Church Choirs

Church choirs in Colorado Springs provide worshipers with an avenue to experience a more spiritual bond through music, and often perform for their community at large. Being part of such a musical collective can be rewarding for many reasons, from spiritual expression to forming meaningful connections. The process usually consists of auditioning the choir director by performing one or two pieces that show off your range as a singer capable of leading the congregation.

Children’s Choirs & School-Based Groups

Children’s choirs & school-based singing groups in Colorado Springs are beneficial to kids & students.  They offer a platform where students can hone their vocal abilities, shape their growing minds, and connect with peers. Examples of such include the Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale, the Colorado Homeschool Music Program, and choirs from local middle and high schools.

By participating in these types of school musical entities, pupils acquire many valuable qualities, including enhanced leadership skills as well as confidence building while learning how to effectively work together towards one common goal. These choral members even have chances for development at regional music competitions or festivals too!

Musical Theater Companies

In Colorado Springs, there are multiple musical theater companies for fans of the performing arts. These theaters put on a variety of productions throughout the year, which feature both professional actors and musicians as well as aspiring singers from all walks of life.

Three popular local theater groups in this region include Fine Arts Center Theatre Company, the Starz Theater, and Springs Ensemble Theater, ideal destinations to enjoy an evening under the stage lights!

Colorado Springs Vocal Arts Festival

The Colorado Springs Vocal Arts Festival, presented by Opera Theatre of the Rockies, is an annual event that offers intensive vocal and dramatic training to singers of all ages. Talented artists and guest performers are coached by professional instructors as they participate in workshops and masterclasses focusing on technique, repertoire, and stage presence throughout the festival leading up to a final performance, highlighting each participant’s progress.

Joining a Singing Group in Colorado Springs

If you’d like to join a singing group in Colorado Springs, there are various ways for auditioning and finding the right fit. From choruses to a cappella groups or even musical theater companies – it’s important that your interests and capabilities match the chosen entity. In order to help prepare any potential auditions, this guide will share advice on locating an appropriate ensemble as well as offer tips related to successful preparation.

Audition Tips

When auditioning for a singing group, picking the right song is essential. Choose one that you can confidently perform and show off your vocal qualities and range to their full potential. Practicing sight-reading will also help build confidence during auditions, since it is required for most auditions. Take advantage of the online resources available to hone this skill set! At an audition, be confident in yourself, knowing all the hard work put into practice has been done thoroughly.  Keep in mind every tryout provides vital feedback and experience in the process of strengthening your performance skills!

Finding Opportunities

Start your musical voyage by becoming a member of an ensemble in Colorado Springs through:

  1. Perusing choirs, vocal groups, and theater companies in the area.
  2. Participate at concerts or events to get familiar with their style as well as the songs they play. Communicating with fellow singers is also key since it gives you access to valuable advice that can guide you when choosing which group fits your interests best!
  3. Taking voice lessons at a local school or music store will not only help you improve, your teacher will also be able to provide key advice on finding the right singing opportunities for you.

By investing energy into getting involved in using your voice, you can find new opportunities to increase your chances of discovering what works for you!

Full Summary

By auditioning, networking, and attending local performances and events, you can join Colorado Springs’ dynamic singing community. You’ll be able to share your love of the human voice with others who understand its beauty through participation in choral ensembles or musical theater companies; there are possibilities for everyone, regardless of age or skill level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are church singing groups called?

Groups of people who have come together through a church to make music by singing are commonly referred to as gospel choirs or church choirs. These groups usually perform in religious buildings.

What do you call someone who sings in a choir?

A chorister is the term usually used to refer to a person who participates in singing with a choir. This individual can also be referred to as either a soloist or just as part of the group, such as ‘choirboys/girls’ when they are collectively involved in organized vocal music performances.

What is it called when people sing together?

People who sing together as a group are creating harmony. This could be in the form of choirs, choruses, or duets and usually involves singing parts that have been composed specifically for multiple voices. Music is thus brought to life with more than one voice blending together.

What’s the difference between a “chorus” and a “choir”?

A group of singers is what we commonly refer to as a “choir”, whereas the word “chorus” can be used both for the repeating section of a song and for groups comprising performers, including singers, dancers and actors. While these two terms have some shared meanings, they are not always synonymous with one another.

What are the 4 primary vocal ranges?

For aspiring vocalists, knowledge of the four primary voice ranges – Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass (ranging from highest to lowest) – is crucial. Whether you are an experienced singer or just love singing your favorite tunes out loud, these registers help categorize voices, not only by identifying which songs have the best range for you, but which other singers are going to be singing the same part.

Brandon Rall